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Our mission is to empower people with information. We provide safety through access to information (a human right) and belonging to a community. Our promise: We will always provide free access to information. Our aim is to help non-Danish speakers become a part of Danish society. Our dream is to build a content platform that unites the international community in Denmark.

January 2021

Last Week in Denmark launched

The English-version of the newsletter “Last Week in Denmark” is launched on Linkedin. The initial reception is amazing.

Spring 2021


Our logo was created

  • Andreea Pascalau Buza creates our logo. 

  • Monika Elend joins as proofreader and Cristian Pascalau Buza as online marketing manager.

Spring 2021

From LinkedIn to your inbox.

We started sending the newsletter by mail through Mailchimp.

Spring 2021

We launched the Romanian-version of the newsletter.

Summer 2021

Moving to Substack

At the initiative of Miguel Oliveira, we launch the Polish-version of the newsletter

We reached the maximum number of subscribers to use the free Mailchimp (2000) and decided to move to Substack.

November 2022

We launched the Spanish edition of the newsletter at the initiative of Maria Fuentes, who also became the editor of the language edition.

January 2023

We launched the Turkish edition of the newsletter at the initiative of Cicek Eris, who also became the editor of the language edition. 

May 2023

The Polish and Romanian language editions are rebranded. The Polish edition new name is “Dania na Tacy – Przeglad Tygodnia” and the Romanian edition new name is “Gazeta Danemarcei”

May 2023

“Last Week in Denmark” received a grant from the Ministry of Culture to pilot producing our own journalistic content aimed at the international community. 


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