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2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics started on Friday (4th February). We can watch the best skiers, skaters, curling players and ice hockey teams fight for the world title until 20th February. 91 nations will participate (Haiti and Saudi Arabia for the first time). 

Beijing (China) is the first city in the world to have hosted both Summer and Winter Olympics. They obtained the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2015, after getting more votes than Almaty (Kazakhstan). The cost of the Winter Olympics is almost 4 billion euros. 

China’s human rights violations (the Uyghur genocide and the oppression of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists) has led to diplomatic boycott from several nations (Lithuania, USA, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, Estonia, Kosovo and Taiwan). This means that no heads of state or representatives will be present from those countries, only athletes. The human rights organizations are calling this edition of Winter Olympics, the “Genocide Games”. The Chinese media already announced that the “boycott countries” will be sanctioned. 

You can see the Winter Olympics on DR and TV2.

Narcis George Matache
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