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A pilot project to screen for lung cancer gets the thumbs up from the Ministry of Health


The Health Minister, Sophie Løhde, said if the project provides better prognosis and survival rates for lung cancer patients, it is important to investigate the possibility of introducing early screening across the country, DR reported. Sophie’s comments come in the wake of a new surgical method to treat lung cancer that has been put to use at Rigshospitalet. However, the operation can only be offered to lung cancer patients who are at an early stage. This is where the 3-year pilot project, run by the Danish Health Authority, will, among other things, investigate how to get all heavy smokers to participate in the early screening and whether the healthcare system has sufficient resources to treat a larger number of lung cancer patients. 

  • In Denmark, lung cancer is responsible for the majority of deaths caused by cancer, with roughly 3,750 people dying each year from the illness. 

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