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Rafael Zajac: Self learned event photographer from Aalborg, with a unique way of catching vibrant moments of the night. His passion for electronic music, and all sort of other events pushed him through many obstacles, to reach the moment when he realized that memories is all we’ve got to smile and relive them again, and embraced it by starting his photography journey in spring 2010, by buying his first camera and take it wherever he went. 

Starting in clubbing photography in early 2011, Rafael attracted the attention of some event organizers, who invited him to try on bigger events like “Chill i Parken” or HUSH electronic events. After delivering his first albums, he got the attention of Aalborg Kommune, which used his pictures to promote culture life in Aalborg and used his pictures in national television channels, like DR1 in city life commercials.

  • He managed to win the first prize in best picture of Aalborg in the 2014 competition, earning himself a gallery showcase of his finest shots of the city, in Nordkraft.
  • Since then his work was so well known that Rafael became one of the top event photographers in Aalborg, working for Aalborg Kommune and all events they’re organizing, Metropol Festival, Airport Festival,  On Air Festival, Northern Winter Beats, and many more. 
  • His way of work is pretty exceptional, because he’s not a photographer who’s going to do the assignment… He is a photographer who’s the part of experience, and always delivering the best and most eye catching parts of it in his finest work.
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matachehttp://www.narcis.dk
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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