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Guilty of handing over a smartphone or digital tablet to your kid so that you can enjoy some quiet time?


Perhaps a guide on navigating appropriate screen time for children, released by Børns Vilkår, might come in handy. Divided into different age groups, key takeaways from the comprehensive guide include:

  • Under 2 year olds should be discouraged from any and all screen time. 
  • Kids between 2 and 12 years old should have their meals without a screen.
  • Parents should provide a judgment-free environment and hold open discussions with their 13-15 year olds, if a topic is difficult to digest or an unsavory situation occurs online. 
  • For 16-18 year olds, parents should respect their child’s privacy but always show that you are available, ready to engage in conversations and that you show interest in their online activities. 

To read the full guide, click here

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