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Insights into the Danish way of life – Week 7


It has been two months since winter started, and this might be the most challenging moment of the year for everyone. It has been a long time since autumn, but it is not quite close to getting sunny yet. In the midst of the gloomy weather, it might be the right time to join one of Denmark’s favorite winter traditions: winter bathing (vinterbadning), or the art of swimming in freezing cold water. 

The practice comes from way back in the day: Scandinavians knew they needed to make peace with their hostile weather, so they incorporated this practice as a way of joining forces with nature. During the 19th century, a focus on its health impact took hold, as winterbathing is known as a powerhouse for the immune system. Some of its proven benefits include improving blood circulation and releasing endorphins, (which help combat the winter blues). With the hippie ‘70s, the activity gained even more popularity as a ritual between the body and mother earth, a notion that stands to this day. 

If anything, winter bathing sits at the center of hygge – although a different type of cozy, not so related to candles and fireplaces, but rather warms hearts and fosters a feeling of community. For many Danes, this is the one outdoor plan they can keep meeting their friends for, no matter the weather. Studies demonstrate that, although unintuitive, our bodies react happily to this sport. We become less stressed, less fatigued, and contract significantly fewer respiratory diseases when we winterbathe. This is, of course, if we take precautions to do it right. For us internationals, it is also an opportunity to bond with locals (beware: random Danes might actually approach you!), and quite literally dive into the culture for the sake of surviving the winter. 

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