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Nurses, teachers, pedagogues, and social workers


The people that take care of us, when we are young, when we are sick and when we are old. Basically, the helping hand in our time of need. Already today, we need more of them. In 2030, there will be 35,000 unoccupied positions. Why? Fewer young people want to follow this path (14% less than in 2019). 

  • The situation is worse outside of the four big cities (Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense) as there are 23% fewer young people that applied for such an education. 
  • This shows that the idea of the government to open more welfare-educations outside of the big cities should be reconsidered. 
  • The government will have a public debate with the trade unions of the four professions to see how to reverse the trend before it will impact our daily lives. 
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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