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Political Overview – Week 11


As predicted last week, the new leader of the Konservative (Conservatives) is Mona Juul. She comes from the advertising world (23 years in the Envision Agency) and entered politics in 2019 as a member of the Danish Parliament. She is 56 years old and was born in Aarhus. 

The most popular mayor in Denmark, Birgit S. Hansen from Frederikshavn, will not run again in the November 2025 local and regional elections. Last time, she got 42% of all the votes in the municipality, the highest percentage in the country. Why is she retiring? She is tired of running a financially challenged municipality and being harassed on social media. 

The issues pointed out by the mayor of Frederikshavn have been echoed by other mayors around the country. It has become difficult to run a local government when you have to make cuts in public spending at every budget negotiation round. The mayor of Faaborg-Midtfyn has also decided not to run again for the same reason. 

From July 2024, before you can demolish a building larger than 250 square meters, you need to have a recycling plan for the materials. Bricks, tiles, untreated wood, and high-quality concrete must be properly retrieved so they can be reused. 40% of Denmark’s waste comes from the construction industry. 

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