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Political Overview – Week 15


Copenhagen and Aalborg will not follow the request from the Ministry of Integration to ban gender-segregated swimming. Both mayors said that we have freedom of association in Denmark, and if one association wants to offer swimming classes to a specific gender, it’s not going against the law. 

The government wants to increase the yearly funding for the Royal House from 126.5 million DKK to 143.8 million DKK – an increase of over 17 million DKK. Alternativet (Green Party) is against the proposal, as it considers the money could be spent better elsewhere. 

Soon, it will be possible for the State to intervene in gang-member families and take the children away from that environment. This is part of a law package aimed at ending gangs in Denmark. 

Stine Bosse vs. Mette Frederiksen. The lead candidate from Moderaterne (Social Liberals) proposed a new referendum on Denmark’s opt-out in the area of freedom, security, and justice in the European Union. The idea was quickly rejected by the Prime Minister, as a 2015 referendum had already refused the opt-out. 

According to the Prime Minister, “Basically, we have to want to go to work. But I want to oppose that atmosphere that it should all be fun and lighthearted, because I simply don’t believe that our lives are like that. Sometimes life is also hard.

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