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Political Overview – Week 16


A majority in Parliament has agreed on an action plan to reduce the number of suicides in Denmark. How? The capacity of suicide prevention clinics will be increased by 40%, and better follow-up measures for people at risk will be implemented. If you have suicidal thoughts, call Psykiatrifonden, Mental Health Helpline at 39 25 25 25. 

A new large prison (capacity for 400 inmates) will be built in Viborg. The prison should be in operation by 2030, and it will provide jobs to 240 prison officers. However, there is a severe lack of prison officers in Denmark, as the number of graduates in the field decreases every year. 

After a chaotic couple of months, the members of the Nye Borgerlige (far right) party have decided to continue activity, even after their founder, Pernille Vermund, left to join Liberal Alliance. The party is still represented in 20 local councils and two regional councils. 

Liberal Alliance (liberal conservative) continues their march towards the 2026 parliamentary elections. Their leader, Alex Vanoplasgh, dreams of a liberal-led government in collaboration with Moderaterne (social liberals) and Radikale Venstre (social liberals). 

The three government parties (Socialdemokratiet, Venstre and Moderaterne) had an internal conflict this week regarding another referendum for Denmark’s opt-out of the European Union’s legislation on justice and rights. Moderaterne wants another referendum, while the other two parties are against it. 

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