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Should free abortion be allowed up to a woman’s 22nd week of pregnancy?


Rosa Lund (Enhedslisten) believes so, saying that this provides women with more time to receive all the information and womb scans needed before she has to decide on whether she wants an abortion. Denmark currently allows free abortion up until a woman’s 12th week of pregnancy. If you have crossed the time limit and want an abortion, you must seek approval from an abortion council. Here are abortion limits in several neighboring countries:

  • Netherlands – 24 weeks
  • Iceland – 22 weeks
  • Sweden – 18 weeks
  • Germany – 14 weeks
  • Norway – 12 weeks

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Sophie Løhde has made it clear that the government will only take a stand once the Council of Ethics has completed its recommendations into the matter. The report is expected to be ready by autumn.

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