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The Citizenship Committee


The Citizenship Committee (IFU) has the following activity: process the two citizenship laws proposed every year by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration (even if you fulfill all the conditions, the Danish Parliament needs to approve your citizenship application). The committee also has the power of dispensation (in case you don’t fulfill certain conditions). The leader of the committee is the far-right (Nye Borgerlige) MP Mikkel Bjørn. Out of the 17 members, 4 come from international-friendly parties, and 3 come from the far-right. 

  • The new chairman of the committee has already made a dangerous statement “that the country of origin of the application will be considered when assessing the citizenship application” and therefore, applicants coming from Muslim countries will be discriminated against. However, the other members of the committee have made it clear that he will not have any real influence. 
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matachehttp://www.narcis.dk
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