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The negotiations for tax reform have started


The government will invite all parliamentary parties to negotiate each reform from the 2030 plan. The idea is to obtain a majority large enough that will ensure that the reform will be implemented regardless of who holds the power next. The first reform to negotiate is the tax reform, or more clearly, the proposal to reduce taxation. Here you can see the opposition parties positions

  • SF (socialists) is not happy with the tax cuts reform. They want the money to be spent on welfare instead. The only way they would accept the reform is if the taxation for the rich is increased and the taxation for the poor is reduced. 
  • DD (far-right populists) would also like for the money to be spent on welfare. They like the idea of lower taxation for the poor but do not support lower taxation for the rich. 
  • Liberal Alliance (libertarians) is generally supportive of the plan. However, they want to eliminate the top-top 5% tax for income over 2.5 million DKK. 
  • Konservative (conservatives) is also generally supportive. They would support an even larger reduction in taxation for the lower incomes, and they are not supporters of the top-top tax for the ultra rich. They also want to open the discussion on inheritance tax. 
  • Enhedslisten (red-green alliance, former communists) doesn’t see how they can support the tax cuts. The pensioners, the unemployed, and the people on social support will get nothing from these reforms, while the rich will get to keep more money. 
  • Radikale Venstre (social liberals) is generally supportive of the plan. They want further reductions in taxation for  lower income (however, against some conditions related to green transition). 
  • DF (far-right conservatives) is not supportive of the plan. They want to see pensioners get more money. 
  • Alternativet (greens) is not supportive of the plan. The money would be better spent on welfare and green transition. They want a deduction on bicycle transport. 
  • NB (far-right libertarians) is generally supportive of the plan, but they want more money to be spent on tax cuts. They will support the plan if they get a higher driving deduction and a lower electricity tax. 
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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