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The Polish community in Denmark


There are 48,611 first-generation Polish people and 8,140 second and third-generation, which makes them the largest minority in Denmark. 

  • Top 10 municipalities with the largest Polish communities – Copenhagen (5,731); Aarhus (2,325); Vejle (1,975); Horsens (1,783); Odense (1,363); Aalborg (1,250); Herning (1,042); Esbjerg (1,000); Hoje-Taastrup (942) and Faxe (887). 
  • If you speak Polish and want to know more about the community in Denmark, read this article and afterwards this one. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Polish newsletter
  • We are looking to map and describe all the places in Denmark connected with the Polish community: associations and their activity houses; places where Polish language is taught to children and/or adults; important cultural and religious places; cafes, bars, restaurants run by Polish people; sport clubs; etc. If you have any suggestions, please write to
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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