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The unofficial campaign


As we have announced in the last edition, the unofficial campaign (the official one will start the moment the prime-minister announces elections and it will last 3 weeks) has started. Political parties have started to present their vision for the future of Denmark and to position themselves in the eyes of the voters. 

  • Venstre (Liberals) has presented a new housing plan (to be implemented if they win the elections) – a tax deduction for first-time house owners; 122.000 new houses until 2030; noise control and covering of motorways; fewer taxes on houses with a value under 1 million DKK. With this plan, Venstre aims to attract social-democrat voters towards them and win the race for the government. 
  • Venstre plans to win votes by tapping into people’s dream to own a house. At the moment, 51% of the people in Denmark live in rented houses. Ever since the pandemic, the number of people that desire their own house has increased dramatically. 
  • DF (Nationalists) risks not entering the Parliament this time, so Morten Messerschmidt (their infamous leader, also the most unpopular politician in Denmark) decided to challenge Inger Støjberg to a debate in Hadsund (Inger’s hometown). In his opinion, people need to see what the difference between DF and Inger’s party is. Inger accepted the challenge
  • Radikale Venstre (Social Liberals) are continuing with their ultimatum to Mette Frederiksen to call for elections on the 4th of October the latest. If she doesn’t do it, they will leave the “red block” and point towards a “blue” prime minister. Radikale Venstre dreams for a red-blue government, where the social-democrats lead Denmark together with the liberals and conservatives. They also presented their vision for the future and which includes new taxes on flying, diesel, and car ownership and the removal of the “efterløn” (early retirement). 
  • SF (Socialists) made 16 demands in order to support a new social-democrat-led government. Among them, you can find a request for a greener government that focuses on making Denmark climate neutral by 2040; the law of nature; cleaner groundwater; more focus on children and youth; refugees should not be sent home if it’s unsafe. SF has recovered after the 2014 meltdown and since then has stayed away from drama, while attracting the more traditional voters of the social-democrats. 
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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