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We are the fifth richest people in the world


According to the Global Wealth Report 2023, if you look at the mean wealth, Denmark ranks on the 5th place with 409,950 USD per person. Mean wealth is obtained by dividing the total aggregate wealth by the number of adults. 

  • Top 5 richest people in the world: 1. Switzerland 685,230 USD/ person; 2. USA 551,350 USD / person; 3. Hong Kong 551,190 USD / person; 4. Australia 496,950 USD / person and on the 5th place Denmark. 

  • The top 10 is completed with New Zeeland, Norway, Singapore, Canada and the Netherlands. 

  • The mean wealth of a person in Denmark has declined from 2021 to 2022 by 30,390 USD. 

Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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