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A record number of internationals have moved to Denmark in the first three months of 2023


22,000 people moved to Denmark in the first quarter of the year from Germany, Poland, USA, India, Ukraine and other countries. The publication Berlingske notes that this is “a super positive development”, while SMV Denmark (the association of small and medium businesses) says “internationals are a pure gain from an economic point of view. You don’t have to be afraid that they will take the Danes’ jobs, because there is an incredible number of available jobs. 30% of the positions advertised last year have not been occupied.”

  • Dansk Erhverv shows that internationals contributed 210 billion DKK to Denmark’s GDP (wealth) in 2021. That is the equivalent of paying 250,000 full-time nurses. The presence of the internationals in Denmark strengthens the public finances. 
  • SMV Denmark points out that every international that arrives in Denmark at working age is a gain for the society because Denmark didn’t have to pay for their upbringing and education. 
  • SMV Denmark also requests that immigration rules should be more flexible to attract an even higher number of internationals as we are far away from reaching the needed number. 
  • Why are we doing something positive for Denmark? Our presence keeps inflation in check; it strengthens public finances during a period of demographic challenges and it allows companies to capitalize on economic momentum and address labor shortages. 

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