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From the western region of Romania to Aalborg, Denmark – that’s where the journey of their own dental clinic called CareDENT took Oana and Fahd Deeb


But even before dentistry and moving abroad became a topic for the both of them, their history already started in highschool. There, Oana and Fahd met each other and fell in love. From early on, it was certain that Fahd would become a dentist, and he eventually influenced Oana to be one as well and to study dentistry at the university in Timisoara, Romania, as she was already interested in working in the medical field.
After their studies, Oana had the opportunity to open up her own clinic in her grandma’s house. In the meantime, the idea of going abroad, specifically to Denmark, became a topic for Fahd as he became aware of the lack of medical personnel in Denmark and the stability it would offer them in their field. Oana decided that they should turn this idea into reality. And who would have thought that one call with a Danish dental clinic would change their life?

During that call, they got the offer for an interview at a clinic, and soon enough, they traveled all the way to Denmark by car for two days. And after a whole week of getting to know the clinic, they got the offer that would change the course of their future. Only three months after the call, they moved from Romania to Denmark to start their new jobs. It was a tough road to get to the point where they are now. Imagine moving to a new country, only bringing the essentials and the passion for work, having to get used to a different culture, and restarting your career from the ground up. Maybe these tough times made their relationship as unique as it is to this day. “Even after 19 years together, we are not annoyed with each other, working and living side by side every day,” describes Oana. “In my perspective, Fahd has a lot of ideas, and I’m the one who’s eager to bring them to life. This dynamic creates a harmonious partnership for the two of us.”

After working at the dental clinic for several years, they decided to take their career a step further and open up their own clinic. Oana wanted to get back the feeling of having her own independent workplace with the freedom to grow their business stronger. But as it is a big investment to open up your own clinic, Oana and Fahd needed a loan. When everyone else had doubts about whether the couple’s dream could become a reality, both remembered the person who trusted their vision, and it was an unlikely candidate. The bank employee believed in their determination and ambition and thus decided to give them the loan. Now, the dream of opening up their very own dental clinic in Denmark could finally become a reality.

After a long search for the perfect place, they found a former clinic that was easy to renovate and furnish. After two months of hard work, Oana and Fahd were able to open the doors for their first patients. 

The modern clinic has a small team of three dental assistants and two dentists, Oana and Fahd. Alina, a dental assistant, believes that the small team is what makes a visit at CareDENT so special and comfortable. The team’s dynamic and harmony make them incomparable and outstanding. Oana explained that she feels a special spirit every time she enters the clinic and works with the team, and that it is her aim to always keep that superb feeling present. Even as a client, the dynamic is highly noticeable, but you should take a look for yourself!

With more than 10 years of experience, the two dentists have the necessary professionalism and knowledge to take the best care of their clients. By keeping up with the newest developments in the dental community by visiting specialized courses, testing, and using the latest technologies and methods, a modern, effective, and affordable treatment can be provided. Due to the experienced dentists’ working pace and modern techniques, the treatments tend to be less expensive than at other dental clinics, while there are also many financial benefits, especially for young people. From regular check-ups and urgent care to cosmetic dentistry and periodontal, as well as root canal treatments, CareDent has you covered.

Foto: Claus Søndberg / ZoeMe APS

“The patient should feel safe and secure during a visit, as it also defines a good treatment,” Oana says. In order to achieve that, the clinic offers a welcoming, colorful atmosphere, avoiding the sterile look of a stereotypical hospital room. Eye-catching paintings made by Oana, pink chairs, and lively decorations welcome every customer. 

If you might fear the dentist, the team at CareDENT is trying its best to reduce your worries by providing detailed explanations of the procedures at the client’s request, offering moral support, or offering the possibility to observe the procedure with the help of a mirror. Even a ceiling-mounted TV is available to help one relax during a treatment.

CareDENT is all about making dentist appointments fearless and accessible. In case Danish is not your first language, you should not have to worry, because the team at CareDent is able to treat you not only in Danish but also in various languages such as English, Romanian, and Arabic.

A familiar atmosphere and an open-minded workplace let the CareDent team take care of their clients with enthusiasm and passion through a unique view of dentistry as a mixture of art, science, and engineering. They strive to achieve the best result possible for every individual client in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. For Oana and Fahd, who fought so hard to get to the point where they are today, CareDENT is a dream come true, and every client gets the possibility to sense the team’s dynamic excitement and devotion for excellence.

Foto: Claus Søndberg / ZoeMe APS

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