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Political Overview – Week 17


The Conservatives want to go into government with Liberal Alliance if there is a “blue” majority at the next parliamentary elections. However, they made it clear that ideas like legalization or decriminalization of drugs are out of the question. 

Also, the Conservatives proposed a one-time payment for each newborn of 20,000 DKK. In this way, they want to stimulate the faltering natality in Denmark. The money should be received 8 weeks before birth. The proposal is still in the idea phase. 

The United Kingdom made an agreement with Rwanda to establish an asylum reception there. Now, political forces in Denmark are asking for a similar agreement. The government said that they are working on a European-level solution for similar asylum reception centers outside of the European Union. 

The environmental disaster from Nordic Waste could bankrupt Randers municipality. The mayor has already said the yearly budget will go to 370 million DKK in deficit. They are now asking the state for help. However, there is little appetite in Parliament to give more money until the role of the municipality in the disaster is clarified. 

The opposition from Liberal Alliance and DD against mandatory female conscription threatens the majority agreement made in the Parliament for investments to upgrade military capabilities. 

A majority in Parliament agreed to increase military support to Ukraine by 4.4 billion DKK in 2024. In total, 64.8 billion DKK have been allocated to Ukraine in the period 2023-2028. 

A leaked document shows that a majority in Parliament agreed to increase the abortion limit from 12 weeks to 18 weeks. The negotiations are close to finalizing and the agreement should be made public as early as next week. The abortion limit has not changed for 50 years. 

Narcis George Matache
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