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Political Overview – Week 8


Enhedslisten (Red-Green Alliance), Radikale Venstre (Social Liberals) and SF (Socialists) want farmers to bear the cost of the green transition in agriculture and are asking for the first model of taxation (750 DKK per ton of emitted CO2) to be introduced. 

On the other hand, DD (Populist Nationalists) are completely against a CO2 tax and call the proposals a declaration of war against rural life. The government parties have not taken a position yet, but it is expected they will support models two or three (about which you can read below in the focus section). There will be a tripartite negotiation about the tax in June between farmers associations, green organizations and the government. 

Political culture and voter behavior is changing in Denmark. It used to be that people voted the same party their entire life and it was highly likely their children would do the same. However, in the 2022 parliamentary elections, 53% of the people voted differently than in 2019. The greatest percentage change ever. Only 30% of the population still identifies with a certain political party. 

Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matachehttp://www.narcis.dk
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