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The first 100 days with a red-blue government


  • The three political parties (Socialdemokratiet, Venstre and Moderaterne) do not have any serious disagreements so far. There is still good chemistry between the leaders and a strong belief in the united political project. 
  • The opinion polls show that the three political parties would lose their majority if we had parliamentary elections tomorrow. 
  • The nine opposition parties (from extreme left to extreme right) have been brought closer in their stand against the government. 
  • The government has some favorite opposition parties that they prefer to invite into broad law agreements – SF, Liberal Alliance and Radikale Venstre. They also have a strong dislike for some parties like Enhedslisten. 
  • This is a reform government that is willing to make controversial and unpopular decisions to solve societal challenges. First they removed the Great Prayer Day free day, now they want to reform the university sector, then they will continue in the fight to reduce bureaucracy and so on. Many reforms are expected before 2025. 
  • The center government does not bow to pressure. The trade unions and the opposition parties tried their best to stop the Great Prayer Day from being removed as a free day, without any results. 
  • There are troubles inside Socialdemokratiet, because of the damaged relationship with the trade unions. 
Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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