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Weekly overview Week 3


This week, leaders, business titans, philanthropists, and celebs meet in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual World Economic Forum. On the agenda, among others, are AI, climate and nature, cybersecurity, energy transition, health, and digital inclusion. From the Davos guest list, Politico has shortlisted the “dirty dozen,” as well as the Davos “do-gooders,” along with their agendas and priorities for 2024. 

The Copernicus Climate Change Service confirmed that 2023 marked the Earth’s warmest year on record, surpassing the previous peak in 2016. This jeopardizes the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. The world briefly approached 1.48°C last year, with temperatures expected to rise further in 2024. 

As of March 31, air and sea passengers traveling between Bulgaria or Romania and any Schengen member country will no longer be required to undergo border controls. Discussions to remove checks at land borders will continue this year. More from the European Parliament: An end to greenwashing and better information on a product’s impact on the environment, longevity, reparability, composition, production, and usage for customers. 

Since the start of the new year, farmers in Germany have been protesting over planned subsidy cuts. Similarly, truckers and farmers from Romania and Poland are protesting the high prices of gasoline. Protests on the EU’s eastern border over unfair competition, as described by truck drivers, have led to blockades at different crossing points along the border with Ukraine. 


Right to a basic bank account: If you are a resident in the European Union, you can open a basic bank account in any EU member state, as long as you have a good reason for it. For example, you can have a bank account in the country where you live but also in the country where you work. If you are refused a basic bank account in Denmark, you can complain to FIN-NET (Danish Financial Complaint Board). 


Learn, discover, and travel with the European Union: If you are a member of an organization/association (like AMIS – A More Inclusive Society, for example), you can participate in training courses, seminars, study visits, and other similar events around the European Union. There is no participation fee, and the food and lodging are covered. Travel costs are also covered up to a certain point. Check out the calendar of opportunities here

  • This applies to all residents of Denmark, regardless of being EU or non-EU. 

Win an Interrail ticket and other prizes: Answer the question, “If you were the President of the European Parliament, what would you do for young people?” in a 60 second maximum video and share it on TikTok or Instagram as a reel with the hashtag “#YourVoteYourDecision” and tag @Eurodesk. Deadline? January 31. Who? Age group 16 to 30 years old. Read more

Win a trip to London: Create a piece of work of your choice – a photo, video, podcast, article, installation, painting etc. – which creatively expresses the concept of “Togetherness” between youth in the UK and the EU. The winners of the competition will be invited to the final event in London in November 2024. Read more. Deadline? February 10. Who? Age group 18 to 30 years old. 

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