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Europe This Week – Week 12


Revival of nuclear power to reach climate goals. As reported by Euronews, 11 Member States signed a declaration this week in support of nuclear energy as one of the zero emission sources of power generation. The move is also aimed at financial institutions to unlock financing options. Earlier this year, the newly-elected president of the European Investment Bank, Nadia Calviño, had expressed interest in atomic energy, but green groups rejected the idea

Bosnia and Herzegovina is moving forward with becoming the 28th EU Member State. The European leaders finally agreed to open accession negotiations with the country after nearly eight years since they applied to join the block. 


Residence for non-EU spouses and children: If you are a non-Danish EU citizen living in Denmark, it is now easier for you than for a Danish citizen to bring your non-EU spouse and children here. 

  • If you work in Denmark, then your non-EU spouse doesn’t need to meet any special conditions. If you are a pensioner or a student, you need to prove you have enough funds to support your non-EU spouse. 
  • Your non-EU spouse can obtain permanent residence on the same grounds as you (5 years of continuous living in Denmark). 
  • Your non-EU spouse can continue to stay in Denmark on EU rules in case of divorce, if the marriage lasted at least 3 years and he/she had lived here for at least one year. 


$10,000 US and a trip to Athens Democracy Forum: Nominate an extraordinary young person (18-30 years old) engaged in the defense and promotion of democracy for the “Kofi Annan NextGen Democracy Prize.” Deadline! March 31. 

Volunteering opportunities with Generation Climate Europe

Free trip to Sardinia (Italy)*: Join a training course on team development and team management. Deadline! March 30. Apply here. When? April 15-22, 2024 

Free trip to Riga (Latvia)*: Join a seminar to exchange ideas and informal learning tools for boosting young people’s body image, self-confidence, critical thinking, inclusion and participation. Deadline! March 31. Apply here. When? May 2-5, 2024

*To join the training courses, you need to be a member of an association. If you are not, you can always join AMIS

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