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Political Overview – Week 19


Don’t know who to vote for in the European Parliament elections on June 9th? Take the candidate test to see which candidates have opinions similar to yours. You can also listen to some of the candidates on our podcast, #VOTEHOME

After it was discovered that a GP (general practitioner) prescribed one person enough Ozempic diabetes medicine for 27 years (clearly to be sold on the black market), the Danish Medicines Agency ordered pharmacies to not allow people to claim more than a year’s worth of Ozempic at once. 

Venstre (Liberals), the former leader party of the blue block, who only a couple of years ago had enough support among the population to rival the Social Democrats, is facing an identity crisis. Currently in sixth place in the opinion polls, they have to balance being part of the government with the Social Democrats, while catering to their voters. A possible solution is if Mette Frederiksen finds a job at the international level and another Social Democrat like Nicolai Wammen becomes prime minister. Why? He isn’t hated by Venstre voters. 

What’s the difference between Venstre (Liberals) and Liberal Alliance (Liberal Conservatives)? At the European level, Venstre is part of the liberal group Renew Europe, while Liberal Alliance is part of the conservative group EPP. Two major themes that split the parties are gender quotas and paternity leave (Venstre is in favor, while Liberal Alliance is against). 

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Foreign Minister and leader of Moderaterne (Social Liberals), will publish a book on May 15th called “Befrielsens Pris.” So what? A politician writing a book is nothing new. Well, last time he published a book in 2019, he shocked everyone with the idea of a government across the center between the Social Democrats and Liberals – which became reality three years later. 

Narcis George Matache
Narcis George Matache
Executive Editor and Founder of "Last Week in Denmark".

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