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Europe This Week – Week 6


EU scraps pesticide reduction bill in face of farmer protests. The European Commission has decided to abandon the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUR) regulation, originally part of the Green Deal, due to significant opposition, including farmer protests and political pushback, particularly from center-right politicians. This marks a departure from the Commission’s previous emphasis on reducing synthetic pesticide use in agriculture, indicating a broader softening of the EU’s stance on greening the agri-food sector.

On the other hand, undeterred by farmers’ protests, the European Greens want the EU to raise its climate ambitions. The party manifesto urges the EU to phase out all fossil fuels by 2040, with a ban on coal by 2030.

EU accelerates financial transactions: instant money transfers approved for retail customers and businesses.The European Parliament has approved new regulations ensuring immediate funds transfer to the bank accounts of retail customers and businesses across the EU. The rules mandate affordable and instant processing of credit transfers by banks and payment service providers, with a requirement that the money arrives within ten seconds.  


Cross-border prescription: A prescription delivered by a doctor in one EU country is valid in all other EU countries. You can ask your doctor to give you a prescription to use in another EU country, also known as a “cross-border prescription.” The dispensation of prescriptions is subject to the rules of the country where they are dispensed. This means that a pharmacist will apply national rules when dispensing your medicine – for example, time or dosage limitations to dispensation of prescriptions. You can also use e-prescriptions via MyHealthEU


Travel to Asturias, Spain: Improve your competences in facilitation, group management and dialogue support techniques via a training course in Oviedo. When? March 11-16. Deadline! February 16. Accommodation, food and travel are covered. 

Travel to Thessaloniki, Greece: The Networking and Study Visit event aims to provide an inside look into the volunteering programs in Thessaloniki and small rural communities in Northern Greece. When? April 8-12. Deadline! February 16. Accommodation, food and travel are covered. 

Travel to County Meath, Ireland: Sharing positive examples of working with young people from ethnic minority backgrounds. When? May 13-17. Deadline! February 19. Accommodation, food and travel are covered. 

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