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Europe This Week – Week 10


Right to abortion. France has become the first country in the world to secure the right to abortion as part of the country’s constitution. While the message was generally accepted positively around the globe, persistent gender inequalities remain, with ongoing concerns around issues like pay disparities and gender-segregated labor markets. 

Europe gets serious on its defense industry. The European Commission and High Representative unveiled the inaugural European Defence Industrial Strategy, aiming to bolster the continent’s defense industry readiness. Proposing the European Defence Industry Programme (EDIP), the strategy focuses on collaborative procurement, intra-EU defense trade, and budget allocation. With a €1.5 billion budget, EDIP supports competitiveness, research and development (R&D), and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) while fostering ties with NATO, like-minded partners, and Ukraine, enhancing Europe’s security and cooperation. 

Elections in Portugal. Portuguese voters face an unpredictable election after Prime Minister António Costa’s abrupt resignation, prompted by a probe into influence-peddling, leaving the country in political uncertainty. The leading candidates, Luís Montenegro and Pedro Nuno Santos, are in a close race, with corruption concerns, affordable housing, and public services playing key roles. Meanwhile, the far-right Chega party could emerge as a significant influence in a potentially evenly split parliament.


Income taxes abroad: The country where you reside (exception for USA and Eritrea) for tax purposes can tax your total worldwide income, earned or unearned. This includes wages, pensions, benefits, income from property or from any other sources, or capital gains from sales of property, from all countries worldwide. EU states regularly exchange income tax information to ensure taxpayers meet their obligations and to combat tax fraud and tax evasion. 

  • You will be considered tax-resident in the country where you spend more than 6 months a year. 
  • Regardless of which EU state you are considered a tax-resident, EU rules state that you should be taxed in the same way as nationals of that country under the same conditions.


Win a prize from the European Space Agency: They invite children up to 12 years old to share their space artwork and explore topics like orbits, planets, astronauts, asteroids, and more. Read more here. Deadline! March 31. 

Win 140,000 DKK and attend high-level UN meetings: Young people (18-30 years old) that have worked at least six months on a big idea to protect or restore the environment. Read more here. Deadline! April 5. 

Win a trip to Montreal, Canada: Young people (18-30 years old) that have a track record of generating impactful and innovative solutions to address either climate and environmental challenges, or education and skills-based challenges. Read more here. Deadline! March 17. 

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